Technical support


You can leave a request for technical support in one of the most convenient way for you: via the technical support form, Skype, Viber. Our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.
Opening hours of the technical support office:
Mon-Sat 9.00 - 18.00, Sun - day off
(GMT + 3)
We are ready to provide technical support for you from all continents at any time convenient for you 24/7.

How to get technical support:

  • Fill out the emergency form below

This is the main form for receiving emergency assistance 24/7, it immediately sends an automatic email to all our technical specialists.

  • If you need a telephone consultation with a technical specialist, please call us at WhatsApp, Skype or Viber:  +37529 3779103 .
  • You can use all the messenger features, such as text chat, audio message, picture, video, etc..
  • If you do not have WhatsApp, you can call us through regular telephone service:                         +37529 3779103 .
  • If our technical support service cannot answer your call, fill in the online form and we will get back to you.
  • Be sure to send a short description of your problem. Please do not forget to enter your Device ID or VR attraction’s serial №.

Frequently asked Questions

How often do new films come out?

By purchasing a simulator of extreme sports, you get 20 films in the basic set and the opportunity to subscribe to new ones. Our animation studio Dreampix is constantly working on new content: several are produced simultaneously, which allows us to provide our customers with new content every 2-3 months.

Is it difficult to use an attraction?

The set of delivery of the attraction includes all necessary documents, instructions and safety certificates. After the assembly, starting carried out automatically, controls can be performed from the keyboard that comes with the kit, or from a mobile device based on Android.

Are there any guarantees and technical support?

We give a guarantee of 12 months for all equipment and provide technical support in 24/7. Modular design of the attraction makes it easy to identify emerging problems and solve them in the shortest time possible.

How to use the attraction for business?

At an average price of 3-7 dollars per session and installation in a passable place, the attraction on average provides an income of $ 5,000 per month. Ideal for installation in amusement parks, shopping malls, as well as for use in events.

How to control the operator's work?

For your convenience, X-starter has 2 levels of access: Administrator and user. In the admin menu, you can create up to 10 users (operators), each with his own login and password, so the reports will indicate who exactly, at what time, and how many times he/she started the ride (indicating his name).

What is the cost and terms of the attraction?

The cost of the attraction can be quickly determined by contacting our managers or a dealer in your area. The dispatch is made within 3 days after payment.