New Virtual Reality Simulator X-Bike

icon Platform weight: 200 kg
icon Range of vibration: 5 - 150 Hz
icon Terminal net weight: 140 kg
icon Tilts left-right / forth-back: +15" / +12"
icon Space occupied: 3 m
icon Voltage: 220V (110V)
icon Power consumption: 1.5 kW
icon Maximum user's weight: 110 kg
icon Operating floor load: 185 kg/m
icon Control: buttons on the steering wheel or terminal console or Android app
X-Bike is a simulator of all types of races: bike and motorcycle races, quad bikes, aquabikes, as well as incredible, exciting flights on the backs of dinosaurs. Realistic and simple control of the simulator allows you to immerse yourself as much as possible into the virtual world of adrenaline and speed. The attraction leans in three axes, and the lack of a hard drive helps to avoid unpleasant sensations, nausea and dizziness. You control the position of your body, and the simulator adjusts to you. The original futuristic design of X-Bike attracts the attention, few can pass by without being interested in the simulator, and even more so without testing it in action. Multiplayer complements the advantages of X-Bike over other similar simulators. What could be better than real races with real opponents, but in a virtual and safe world?

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X-Bike is a new VR Simulator of all types of races

VR headset

The latest Oculus Rift S or НТС Vive guarantee the best display quality and 360° field of view in virtual 3D world.

Ergonomic design

Most comfortable, reliable and simple seat of X-Bike is suitable for both adults and children

Interactive platform

Advanced technologies transform your body into joystick to take control over the game process. You are no longer a passive spectator - you are in full control of the situation.

Realistic vibration

The platform is equipped with realistic vibrations' generating system in order to improve your VR world events' perception.


We offer enhanced design and branding possibility according to customer's needs.

Exclusive content by Dreampix studio

High quality interactive 360° films and games will take you into the world of extreme sports and adrenaline sensations.

Additional wind-blowing effect + Surround sound

The attraction is equipped with a targeted wind flow generation system adding more realism and thrill to your sensations;
Dinamic surround sound provides total immersion and sense of realism.

The system of counting visitors

Viewing attendance statistics;
Separate interface for operator and administrator;
Ability to send reports to Email

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Virtual Reality Rides for the X-Bike

This is the collection of arcade games for the X-Bike

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