Virtual Reality (VR) Machine & 3D Motion Simulator

VR headset

The latest Oculus Rift S or НТС Vive guarantee the best display quality and 360° field of view in virtual 3D world.

Back support

Additional back support is optionally installed for user's safety and comfort.

Interactive platform

Advanced technologies transform your body into joystick to take control over the game process. You are no longer a passive spectator - you are in full control of the situation.

Realistic vibration

The platform is equipped with realistic vibrations' generating system in order to improve your VR world events' perception.


We offer enhanced design and branding possibility according to customer's needs.

Exclusive content by Dreampix studio

High quality interactive 360° films and games will take you into the world of extreme sports and adrenaline sensations.

Additional wind-blowing effect + Surround sound

The attraction is equipped with a targeted wind flow generation system adding more realism and thrill to your sensations;
Dinamic surround sound provides total immersion and sense of realism.

The system of counting visitors

Viewing attendance statistics;
Separate interface for operator and administrator;
Ability to send reports to Email

Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator Extreme-Machine

Virtual Reality Simulator Extreme-Machine is an extreme sports simulator that works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear glasses.
This is a unique product of Xtrematic company designed for active people, who loves the drive, extreme and thrill impressions, who are always on the move and ready to check their strength at any moment! Extreme-Machine is created for those who like to rush at great speed on the motorway track, dreams to tame the water element of a mountain river, wants to jump with a parachute down from a rock or fly over an abyss. Every person strives to be strong, dexterous and try himself in the riskiest adventures - after all this is the real taste of life! And most importantly with Extreme-Machine you do not need to put your life in danger!

Extreme-Machine is compact, easy to handle and highly technological. Virtual reality glasses allow the user to see the image around him 360° when the head turns. At the same time, the attraction platform reacts to the position of the body in space and makes it possible to control the game. Since the user influences the process, the sensations from the simulator are much stronger, and the line between virtual and real is erased.
Extreme-Machine offers unlimited business opportunities. The popularity of the Extreme-Machine is due to the fact that users want to experience these feelings again and again, to feel adrenaline and drive. Often they will ask you to repeat the video - and this is a key difference from boring X-D cinemas, which constantly require new content.
All we need is love and amazing impressions from great extreme adventures! Join us right now! Look for more information about us on hashtags #Xtrematic and #ExtremeMachine!

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Virtual Reality Rides for the Extreme-Machine

• More than 30 games in the library
• 10 multiplayer games or 20 in the basic set

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Xtrematic placed some of our products and our logo in its VR-video. With its help we are demonstrating our clients the objects that can be seen from a great height. Such advertising provides great impression and being combined with VR simulator allowed to increase our sales and brand's recognition. Future belongs to virtual reality advertising.


Extreme-Machine is the most exciting, simple in service and operation truly interactive VR attraction in the market today. It is the best value per dollar spent: a true money making machine! The simple and very effective engineering design of Extreme-machine makes the maintenance extremely easy and inexpensive. The quality and variety of the games brings a lot of fun and excitement to the audience that is ready to come over and over.


Our company is dealing with entertainment equipment and has a greater expertize in entertaining industry. We recommend the Extreme-machine to all willing to earn money instead of wasting it for infinite repairs. As for the content - we are waiting for new films to appear. The company is keeping up with the time - well done!


We are very satisfied with the Extreme-Machine and our clients are really enjoying the revolutionary technology that stays behind your invention. As for the moment we are positioning ourselves as a company that gives the option to feel some unforgettable sensations and being your official representative gives us confidence to be able to occupy different niches.


In VISYON we are creating new technological platforms in order to provide scalable business solutions. Our company had interest to virtual reality simulator and high quality content for it. All our requirements have been realized in the Extreme-machine. It's an ideal solution for small and medium scaled business and for everyone willing to become Xtrematic's partner and grow with it.


We have seen the Extreme-Machine for the first time in September, 2016 and we bought one in October. Now we've got 3 of them and that's just the beginning. We would like to thank Xtrematic team for their really cool and unique product and all the support we got from them. Our clients' unbelievable emotions is the best proof of what the attraction is capable of.


We are using the Extreme-Machine in our shops. It is a great instrument to attract more people - a real WOW-effect for the client. Plus this attraction provides us with some additional profit. We would like to thank Xtrematic great team for their wonderful product. Looking forward to get something even more exciting! We are sure you can do that like anyone else!


Two years ago we started our business with two attractions. We bought two more six month later. Then two more... and two more later. Barcelona, Madrid, Costa Brava, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, Calpe and only Northern Spain remaining. Some of the attractions are used in shopping malls and the other part is used for big companies' events, promos and birthdays. Thank you for your wonderful invention!


Xtrematic Benelux is the exclusive regional distributor for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our team has many years of experience with virtual reality and we are very proud and happy to work with Xtrematic to deliver the best VR attraction one can buy. Solid, reliable, easy to use with great revenue potential and even more important - a thrilling ride for everyone. We deliver Xtrematic turnkey to arcades centres, shopping malls, hotels, leisure centers, cinema's, events.