Xtrematic to participate in DEAL 2017 EXPO in Dubai


Xtrematic will come to the hot Dubai to the exhibition DEAL EXPO

RAAPA is the first big event this year, but not the last one. The exhibition has been held since 1995 and in a few weeks exhibitors will open their doors to real amusement rides and people who just want to relax. This bright event will be held in Dubai World Trade Centre, the building instantly became the heartbeat of Dubai’s growing global business community. It’s situated on Sheik Zayed Road, a bustling skyline and central business hub of the city.


Convention gate dubai


Companies from 33 countries will exhibit their creations and developments. Exposition goods will be extremely varied, starting with attractions of various types and giant amusement rides, ending with entertainment theme parks. Like in previous years a separate sphere of entertainment is virtual reality, and Xtrematic company is constantly developing and improving to meet the highest expectations of our clients and to be on top of the VR sphere. Our VR simulator Extreme-Machine is always ready for new visitors to prove once again its superiority.


vr xtrematic in dubai deal 2017