X-Bike sales started!


We are launching sales of the new virtual reality simulator X-Bike!

You can be the first one to purchase a novelty from Xtrematic. The first batch will be ready in early July in limited quantities.

We want to give everyone in the world an opportunity to experience the excitement of extreme sports, trying new things without fear. X-Bike was designed as a simulator for extreme races: BMX, motor-rally, jet skis, riding a quad bike through difficult terrain and so on. It allows you to be a real racer, driving a powerful bike or high-speed bicycle. The game and the simulator are one, afterall it is impossible to learn something new just by looking at the picture. X-Bike is a chance for everyone to try something that they could only dream of.

X-Bike emotions

We have thought through every detail. Full simulation of a true to life ride, tilting along three axes, easy and realistic handling. The ergonomic seat fits both adults and children. Comfortable and safe it was designed for a long and active ride which you will overcome steep turns, ups and downs, feel the speed and wind in your face.

Multiplayer mode will make any race more exciting!

Competitive spirit and adrenaline will wake everyone up! You can challenge friends or strangers to see who can come out on top!

VR Rides X-Bike

We have selected our best racing content so your customers can become regulars.

You can find a presentation with detailed information about the X-Bike at the link.

For purchasing a simulator contact our managers or leave a request on the website. Bring a unique and exciting experience to your customers!

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