VR Attraction “Extreme-Machine” conquers Netherlands


There is good news for Netherlands. Now you can get professional consultation and buy VR simulator of extreme sports and adventures “Extreme-Machine” from our Distributor in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Extreme-machine is VR game simulator with Oculus Rift headset and highly interactive platform giving vivid impressions without risk.

“Our team has many years of experience with virtual reality and we are very proud and happy to work with Xtrematic and deliver to you the best VR attraction one can buy,” said Sven Bakkes, CEO of O&B Ventures B.V. “Solid, reliable, easy to use with great revenue potential and even more important a thrilling ride for everyone.”

Experience yourself in the most fascinating adventures of virtual extreme. Learn a simple way to present bright emotions, realistic feelings and make a good profit of it. Extreme-Machines are already receiving the benefits to our clients in 47 countries. Join them!



Xtrematic Benelux (a trade name of O&B Ventures B.V.)
+31 612 961 384
Torenallee 20
5617 BC Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Strijp-S | Videolab building | 5th floor