Virtual Reality Extreme Sport Simulator X-Machine for Events


At any events and holidays, organizer wants to show guests something that is not ordinary and amazing! To remember the holiday, the guests were satisfied and the client did not go to the competitors!

How to do it?

Do you remember what the future looked like when you were a kid? What we might have imagined as kids aren’t that far off today, especially with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) becoming accessible to more people of all ages. We’re living through the next evolutionary stage of human/computer interaction and it’s on course to revolutionize nearly every aspect of our lives. From the way we interact with objects and navigate environments to how we access information and communicate with others, everything is set for drastic change, and technology will be the bridge that makes it all possible. Extreme-Machine is making it possible to experience anything, anywhere, through the power of Virtual-Reality. Extreme-Machine is combining virtual reality technology and entertainment industry. Exciting visual perception, real scene simulation, thrilling plot experience, is not only popular in the international market, but also helps investors make the big profit. A large number of people already try the Xtrematic extreme VR-games in 3D headsets like Oculus Rift.

We are sure, every person strives to be strong, dexterous, athletic and try himself in the riskiest adventures – after all this is the real taste of life! Bright, eventful and unforgettable impressions! Our virtual reality attraction Extreme-Machine enables every person without real-life risk to get real emotions experienced by a true extreme sportsman.

It is compact, easy to handle and highly technological.


Our clients VR Exhibition Xtrematic for events


What is the advantage of X-Machine Extreme Sport VR simulator for events?

Extreme Sport simulator X-Machine is the best deal for companies why provide new Ideas for Event Planners, Parties, Picnic’s, and Promotions, Party Rentals, Catering, Virtual Reality Party Rentals, Inflatable Amusements.

People experience real emotions and want to try it again and again. X-Machine simulator combines a movable and shaky electro-mechanical platform. The platform accurately repeats the movements occurring in the game. At the same time, the attraction platform reacts to the position of the body in space and makes it possible to control the game. Since the user influences the process, the sensations from the simulator are much stronger, and the line between virtual and real is erased. X-Machine works with the virtual reality headset Oculus, Vive or Samsung Gear.

Racing, action, horror, roller coaster, and other incredible games are available in a new unique format of virtual reality. It is possible to support a multiplayer game between two or more attractions! Realistic graphics & amazing emotions. Suitable for all ages.

Now equipped with more than 30 VR games, the players can experience the amazement and excitement of sliding in the sky, of extreme jumping or racing. Unique VR games attract a lot of visitors.


VR events


Awesome Capabilities

Why X-Machine simulator useful for your customers? We help your business to be more recognizable, successful and profitable. Want to see your ads in the VR-game? Forget banner ads and auto-playing videos. The advertisement of the future is immersive, almost game-like. And it’s just here. Imagine, for a moment, that you’re inside a virtual reality world. You look around and suddenly find yourself in the middle of an advertisement — a branded world you can explore.

Extreme Machine VR simulator for business


You can Add your logo to the game!

We create animation for extreme virtual reality games. And we can include your brand in our VR-content. We will implement your advertising in the Game. We have own Dreampix animation studios and our development team, designers and animators could realize all your wishes! Iberdrola, Audi USA, NIVEA, Gas.Natural has already become Xtrematic customers! We can do any work perfectly and create the animation advert of any complexity! 

We have a successful experience of such cooperation with the companies why provide events.

Our client Virtual reality simulator

Xtrematic and our clients Iberdrola


That’s the great offer for business and new original advertising format that really work good!



Nothing complicated! Everything is easy!

  1. X-Machine is easy to install and disassemble. For transportation, a large machine is not needed. Suitable small pickup truck.
  2. Bright decorations around the screen can be branding into company logos.
  3. Easy to transform into a VR-park.

Xtrematic team at the VR exhibition


How VR makes people happy!

The innovative difference between the simulator is that the virtual reality glasses allow the user to see the image around him 360 degrees when the head turns. At the same time, the attraction platform reacts to the position of the body in space and makes it possible to control the game. Since the user influences the process, the sensations from the simulator are much stronger, and the line between virtual and real is erased.

Xtrematic VR makes people happy


We have created an excellent opportunity for every person to experience what in the real world only select people are experienced – professional athletes who dedicate an extreme to their whole life, behind their shoulders hundreds and thousands of training sessions and who perfect their skills every day.


Xtrematic clients who want Extreme-Machine

Thanks to our technology, you can do incredible things without risking your life! Even a child can cope!  Health, active way of life and love for extreme adventures and extreme sports!

Blue Friday Realidad Virtual with Xtrematic

Espana Xtrematic and Iberdrola vr simulator


It’s fun! And most importantly – it’s without risk for life! At all the exhibitions where we take part, a kilometer queue stands for our virtual reality attraction. People ask to take photos of themselves on the camera, take photos to share with friends and talk about their impressions with pleasure. For many, this is an incredible experience! Many people tell their feelings to friends and share their impressions in social networks! Extreme-Machine is a great entertainment!

More than 500 happy business stories from customers!

We work with the whole world!


Extreme-machine and our amazing customers

Our customers who have already bought X-Machine today successfully grow and develop their business!

Many bought a few X-Machines and were very satisfied! They always have the line with their customers! We take care of our brand and always strive for high results. Quality is important to us. We love what we do and so we come to our work with inspiration. Xtrematic is a leading global company specializing in the development of VR content. We have our own animation studio Dreampix, which is engaged in the creation of extreme films and exclusive software. The popularity of the Extreme-machine is due to the fact that users want to experience these feelings again and again, to feel adrenaline and drive.


Xtrematic vr exhibition with customers

All we need is love and amazing impressions from great extreme adventures!

 We love what we do!  Join us right now!


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