Xtrematic to participate in Mobile Ready in Barcelona


Xtrematic took part in the major event in Barcelona.

Modern digital-community – the IV Mobile Ready

This time the event was oriented towards mass consumer in order to give him more information about novelties and free digital solutions for everyday life. The only thing every visitor needed was a smartphone and lots of good mood. The exhibition was sort of a study tour for those willing to learn how modern technologies can facilitate everyday routine like shopping or parking.

Mobile Ready brought some attention of virtual reality technologies. The third destination point was Benito Sports Shop, where every visitor could get some extreme sensations in virtual world with no risk to life using the Extreme-machine. The possibility to control the game-process with interactive platform as well as realistic graphics gave everyone the opportunity to try motocross, sky diving, downhill skiing, races and other extreme sports which made this point the most emotional one of all event’s programme.

Here’s an official video from Mobile Ready. Enjoy!

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