The Extreme-Machine from Xtrematic, highlight of Publithings


New technologies are upon us. We live in a world where robots welcome us at events, where we can enjoy thrilling rides and stunning experiences without leaving a room, where the fabric of our reality gets blurred with the virtual one. People from this time cannot escape it, and why would they want to ? On the contrary. They want more, they want something that can take their mind off their worries. The VR simulator from Xtrematic has been designed for those people.

VR, the spearhead of the digital world

We at Publithings are witnessing a new trend that is slowly but surely taking its roots deep into our society, each and every day. Virtual Reality is at the center of this trend. That is why our event agency has specialised in new technologies. It was founded during the blossoming of this new era, amongst the first ones, when everybody else was still focused on stories from the past. In this day and age, VR and AR are not subjects that are to be taken lightly. Instead, we put all our faith in a technology that will shape the future. Since the beginning we have been hard at work to offer the best experience possible at any event we were asked to participate to. We do our best to put our clients’ mind at ease with the guarantee of a successful event.

This success comes from a combination of several factors. Because our company owns every VR and AR headset available on the market, we are able to provide to all kinds of customers according to their budget and following their demands. From a simple Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go, to the HTC Vive Pro and the Oculus Rift, our range of VR headsets will also soon include the new products that are about to come out, like the Valve Index, or the HTC Vive Cosmos. We are also proud to be one of the few company to offer the Microsoft Hololens headset for augmented reality.

The Extreme-Machine from Xtrematic, highlight of Publithings

Experience extreme sensations with Xtrematic’s VR simulator

One of our most requested products is the VR simulator designed by Xtrematic. With its dozens of fun rides and applications, it is always the highlight of any given event. People of every age line up to get a taste of extreme sensations and thrilling activities. How does it work ? It is quite simple. One person put on a virtual reality headset then hop on a platform. This platform reacts to the body position so that controlling the game is even made possible. Users can of course check all their surroundings with a 360-degree view. It can also be modified to offer an even deeper dive into the world of virtual reality. People can experience skiing, a motorcycle ride and a flight in high altitude. Additional contents are often added thus renewing the incredible feelings it provides.

Even though only one person at a time can use the Extreme-Machine, there is a display to monitor in real time what that person is experiencing. Therefor the experience is shared across all the people watching and quickly one can notice a smile spreading from one face to the next and soon after hear laughter. At the end of the ride of the VR simulator from Xtrematic, people are breathing heavily, their hearts thumping hard in their chests, as if they had just got off a roller coaster from a theme park. This shows how effective and fun this machine can be.

The Extreme-Machine from Xtrematic, highlight of Publithings

The VR Simulator from Xtrematic travel through France and Europe

When someone is looking for a successful digital animation, they come knocking at our door and we welcome them with professional but caring arms. We can install the VR simulator from Xtrematic at any event all across France and even in other european countries. We have a team of experts at our disposal that have worked in this field for a really long time. They can be dispatched quickly to any cities to perform their flawless animations. Those are all the reasons why we at Publithings are at the top of digital animation in France.


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