Flights VR Simulation  Sand Wars for Xtrematic Simulators

Special for the company Xtrematic and Simulators Extreme-Machine and X-Bike studio DREAMPIX was created a series of films about extreme sports.

This is a space adventure! Forward! Armed with blasters, get on space flying machines and participate in a ruthless and honest race! You have to shoot at the enemy and conquer space expanses! This race is full of adventures and unexpected obstacles! You will definitely experience a lot of emotions and will definitely win! Flying over a rocky desert destroying your enemies to get to the finish first? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! But stay sharp: adrenaline shooting and twisted turns guaranteed!

Age limit: 10+

Format: Full HD stereo video, support oculus VR tracking

Planned duration Flights VR simulation: to 5 min

Try something you’ve never experienced before but always wanted to. Visit places you’ve never been to before but always wished you could. Philosophy, Risk and Adventure Sports! Why are VR-extreme sports more popular than ever? Extreme sports are recreational activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear. Ready to feel your pulse racing? Virtual-Reality attraction “Extreme-Machine” is an extreme sports simulator that works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear glasses.

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