New VR game-adventure by Dreampix studio “Jet Ski Racing”


The extreme VR game adventure “Jet Ski Racing” is very popular

Escepically at various sport and beach events. This is an excellent way to spend time with friends and colleagues, test yourself and discover your limits.

Summer mood, the smell of oceanic freshness, the sensation of warm salty water will overwhelm you as soon as you put on VR glasses. Your sensations will go sharper when you feel the motion of the most powerful aqua bike. This water equipment is considered to be one of the most dangerous and extreme, but don’t worry about your safety, though it will not be possible to suppress your emotions. Such types of sports are in high demand in summer, but not everybody can afford the journey to the seaside or ocean. Our attraction of Virtual Reality will provide you with everything you need for having a wonderful time. Those who love the sun, water element and heavy waves will find it to their liking.

Contact us if you still do not have our attraction Extreme -Machine or this film of Dreampix Studio. You may also contact our partners.

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