Xtrematic to participate in Futurizz Madrid Capital Digital 2016


A major event for those willing to unite digital technologies and business has been held on April 20-21, 2016 in Madrid.

Futurizz Madrid Capital Digital 2016 is an exhibition of advanced technologies of world-recognized companies and presentation of novelties and prototypes to general public. It is also an opportunity to attract investment for the projects.

The event brought together key players of the advanced digital technologies’ market and was held as a contest to attract the attention of potential investors, clients and prospective partners. The international exhibition Futurizz Madrid Capital Digital 2016 has a high level of organization and Xtrematic is pleased to have a decent place for the Extreme-machine among the participants. Visitors and exhibitors gave lots of compliments to our virtual simulator for its design, graphics and films quality, software and general level. Our collection of films with interesting stories and the possibility to control the game process was a real competitive advantage.

Here’s a little story on how the event was organized. Don’t forget to check our channel for new films and games.

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