Extreme-Machine was called hit of North and South America in the largest international exhibition VRLA 2016 in Los-Angeles


The biggest VR event of this year VRLA 2016 in Los-Angeles brought together more than 130 exhibitors and sponsors.

Hundreds of people waited at the entrance: VR development appeared to be so actual and popular. Exhibitors showed not only the latest electronic gadgets, such as a virtual reality helmet Mobius POV, Oculus Rift and etc., but also VR technologies, such as 3D scanning. It is noteworthy that the event was attended by a large number of gamedev companies-developers such as Epic Games, Starbreeze Studios, 360Heros, Otoy, Survios, Virtuix and others. The show left no one indifferent: the first VR party in the world provided of Skullcandy, the official audio partner of the VRLA Summer Expo, was vivid and emotional.

According to some sources, VR  is a very promising market. Let’s listen to the opinion of a consulting firm, Sophic Capital regarding this issue: according to forecasts by 2018 VR market could be worth $7 billion with growth potential. Impressive, isn’t it? And the companies which will keep the leading positions on this market have the potential to divide these money among them. Google, HTC, Dolby, Nokia and some others have been noticed among the companies engaged in development in the field of virtual reality.

It might seem that not such big players in the market could be lost among these giants, but it was not the case. Virtual Reality Simulator Extreme-Machine was called “a hit” in South America and possibly in North America. “The machine, meant for malls and arcades, is apparently a hit in South America. Judging by the shrieks it elicited, it could be a hit here in the US, too

The line to the virtual reality simulator was so long, so the press and participants noted it immediately. People stood for 1.5 hour to try it and then shared their impressions. According to one of the participants, such a crowd was gathered only by 5-7 stands, and this one was the longest.

The event was quite unusual: technologies rather than products  were on display, and it was for the advantage of those who were better prepared for the exhibition, because the difference between the demo version and accurately debugged process was obvious.

Extreme-Machine VRLA

Extreme-Machine VRLA 2016

X-Machine VRLA

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