New series of VR games released by our studio – Air Storm.


We are introducing the new series of VR games released by our studio – Air Storm. Our clients have highly estimated its unbelieveable dynamics of fight in the Air Storm simulator released in the previous year.
This game has got numerous positive reviews from our clients for its dunamics and gameplay. Following the tradition, of the first Air Storm game we are gladly introducing you 3 new games of the

VR games AIR STORM series:
Air Storm: Islands of Freedom
Air Storm: Cold Fury
Air Storm: Cyber Future

This is a new level of player experience in the air fight!

Videos are available on our website in the section Games.

Missions for a convoy interception, air fight in the tropical islands to defeat military boats and a fight in the cold fjords are now available.

There is also an unforgettable VR adventure – intrusion into a futuristic space station to fight alien ships.

All this is now available in one bundle!

Features: full control of flight and shooting – killing of boats, airplanes and zeppelins. Special terrains: fight in fjords, at a cyborg station, fight in the mediterranean islands and a fight in the canyon.