Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!


We want our customers to get the maximum benefit from purchased simulators, so we do everything possible for your convenience and the development of your business. In this regard, we launch a campaign that will last until July 31, 2019:

When you purchase the virtual reality simulator X-Machine with Basic set of 20 games you will get 7 additional games for free. As a result, for the standard price you will have 27 games of different themes, for people of all ages and interests.

Xtrematic wants to show the world that the most unrealistic dreams can become true. Our simulators help people overcome their fears, stereotypical beliefs that extreme sports are only for the chosen few. Flying, jumping, alpine skiing, exciting roller coasters, fighting the water, speed rallies help people to believe in themselves and their capabilities. Feel the rush of adrenaline, speed and wind, everyone can do this!

X-Machine is an all-in-one simulator that fits into any location and will significantly increase the return of people. That is why Xtrematic simulators are so popular around the world. All thanks to our content, which helps to experience the most incredible and diverse emotions in one place. People come to test themselves, and having tried once will definitely come again!

We have selected the most impressive new rides that are sure to benefit you and bring new sensations to your customers. All games are not similar to each other, they meet different interests and levels of training. Because of this, customers will always be interested to come back and try something new.

Duno race

One of the newest and already popular rides. It is here that the player has a great opportunity to enjoy the freedom of action in the virtual world, to go wherever they want, without having to follow a fixed route. Multiplayer mode will add excitement to the game!

Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!

Dino rush

Being completely alone surrounded by bloodthirsty dinosaurs is not a situation for the faint of heart, but this is a good chance to test yourself for speed and resistance to stress. An incredible adventure awaits you!

Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!

Scream coaster

The most incredible and exciting roller coaster of virtual reality that you can see! Get together with the spirit and forward to the steep descents, coups and the most realistic emotions. Adrenaline, tears in the eyes, excitement and children’s joy – this is not a complete list of what awaits you!

Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!

Roller speed

If you are still afraid of the roller coaster, but really want to try it, then this ride is for you. All the sensations from these slides are guaranteed, but it is completely safe and very atmospheric. You are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, which makes this trip even more memorable.

Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!

The box

Here we have combined the thrill of a roller coaster with unusual graphics and cool music. If you are not so captured by ordinary rides, then you should try this one and dive into completely new sensations.

Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!

Air Storm: Islands of Freedom

A unique opportunity to become a pilot of a military aircraft, fly over a tropical island, and most importantly confront dangerous opponents. Ryde supports multiplayer mode!

Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!

Freedom fly

Incredible feeling of free flight! If you are afraid of heights, but secretly you have long wanted to try something like that, then you will definitely like this flight. Extreme experience without risk to life!

Buy X-Machine and get 7 games for free!

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