3D landscape scanning technologies rises Xtrematic’s content quality to a new level


3D landscape scanning technology is one of the ways of creating a true high detailed and pictoresque location in the virtual game. It is no secret that 3-4 minutes ride development is quite expensive. Let’s suppose there is a certain company with no will to spend money on quality VR content’s creation for its’ virtual attraction or simulator.

What could be an obvious and most likely solution?

Of course, such a company will be looking for open content and demo-versions in order to use them after a slight adaption. This kind of approach breeds massive amounts of unoriginal and stereotyped films with 360 degrees field of view for low-quality VR glasses.

What is Xtematic’s philosophy?

All our virtual films and games are created by our partner Dreampix studio. This is an expensive product, but it’s quality is noticeably higher comparing to analogues. This also guarantees the unique content, its’ quality and timely updates. Dreampix studio is actively using the 3D landscape scanning technologies to make its’ vitrual films and games even more realistic and detailed. Combining with the latest Oculus Rift CV1 it’s a true BOMB!

In conclusion some of screenshots from our new projects:

3d animation

Xtrematic animation

Virtual Reality animation