Extreme multiplayer games in VR are now possible with Xtreme Multiplayer Pack!


Extreme multiplayer games in VR

Do you like network games and virtual reality? Now imagine that we combined them to create really exciting entertainment!

No one can stay indifferent to our extreme VR Simulator X-Machine , because they drag users into the realistic world of extreme adventures.

It’s cool to play alone, but it’s much more fun and exciting to play with other people who can compete and see who will be the winner. Overcome your fears, feel the adrenaline rush, test yourself in something new – you can share the most incredible moments with friends and/or family.

We are happy to introduce you Xtreme Multiplayer Pack that includes TWO X-Machine virtual reality simulators with a set of 10 best games with multiplayer control from Dreampix Studio! Want to attach more machines? Xtreme Multiplayer Pack allows you to connect from 2 to 10 virtual attractions!


Xtrematic simulators support multiplayer mode while simultaneously connecting from 2 to 10 machines. Imagine: 10 simulators and 10 players playing at the same time in the virtual world. This is an exciting show and exciting thrills.

Now remember when we were teenagers and spent all our money in the arcades having fun with friends? Multiplayer Pack in your VR Xtrematic Park will give you these experiences again – players will be able to choose their favorite scenes and “stick” for a long time on VR machines in the company of friends or other players.

Our VR rides are always surrounded by the same atmosphere: enjoy not only those who finally waited for their turn to ride, but also onlookers as well. Immersion in virtual reality is always cool, interesting, causes a lot of laughter and team spirit. Furthermore with the help of Xtrematic Multiplayer Pack, the user can dive into virtual reality not alone, but with their friends, and not just explore the VR universe together, but fight in the battles, and feel the thrills of extreme adventures.

Today you can start your own VR business by creating a VR park of extreme entertainment using Xtrematic Simulators: all our games differ in control mechanics and storyline. Virtual reality clubs, mini-zones of VR-attractions in entertainment centers and large-scale events – our simulators everywhere attract crowds of fans of extreme entertainment and network games!

The multiplayer mode on the X-Bike simulator will immerse you in the atmosphere of the best races on bikes, bicycles, water scooters, quad bikes and spacecrafts. X-Bike controls were made with the mechanics of a real bike, which makes the game very realistic and plunges the player into the world of the best races. On the X-Machine simulator you can also take part in ski races and fly on powerful aircrafts.

For gamblers, the Xtrematic Multiplayer Pack will become a real magnet: the desire to show who is cooler in racing on motorcycles, cars and airplanes will drag them into VR world for a long time. All our games are incredibly realistic and designed so that from all the ups, downs and turns the user experiences as if it happened in reality.  True adrenaline seekers will come away satisfied  with the combined the excitement and thrills!

Do you want to talk to your partner while playing? No problem!

Our system allows players to talk during the game! The communication system allows you to be part of a team. This further increases the realism when your able to coordinate and plan in real time.

If you want to increase, diversify or immediately open up a large-scale and diverse VR zone, then the Xtrematic Multiplayer Pack suits you perfectly. Our best content is included in the game packs for both simulators:

X-Bike Multiplayer Pack – Dune Race, Jet Ski Racing, Velo Zone, Barcelona Moto, Motorrad Challenge, Quad Race, Overpass Madness , BMX Canyon, Mud Race, BMX Downhill.

X-Machine Multiplayer Pack – Quad Zone, Barcelona Moto, Jet Ski Racing, Overpass Madness, Motorrad Challenge, Velo Zone, Air Storm, Downhill Race, Buggy Race, Air Storm: Islands of Freedom.


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