X-Machine can be completely autonomous, making it an ideal for arcade zones!


Who has never heard of arcade zones?

Everyone has long known that some time ago they were very popular around the world thanks to the attractions of completely different themes and trends. However, now such locations really need virtual reality simulators, but in most cases they are massive machines that cannot work without an operator, at least from a security point of view. As a result of using outdated attractions, the popularity of arcade zones gradually falls. The Xtrematic team could not ignore this fact, so lately there have been made several improvements for everyone’s favorite X-Machine simulator, that significantly increased the possibilities of its use in various business areas: from large-scale events and park areas to entertainment venues in shopping centers and hotels.

X-Machine is autonomous – the ideal attraction for arcade zones.

Arcade Machine


You have no need to hire an operator who will control the simulator, count the money and explain to the client how to behave during the game. This significantly reduces the actuation time of the attraction, and also saves your budget. Due to the possibility of a special order for the installation of a coin, bill or token-acceptor, the process of paying for a game becomes easier and faster. X-Machine supports the use of swipe-cards, which can quicken the process of launching the game and increase customer turnover, because you just need to hold the card on the tracker and you can enjoy the game.

We also offer you the installation of a convenient and easy-to-use fixing system for a headset, which prevents theft and preserves the integrity of the wires. The system is completely simple: the cable does not interfere with the player, does not make the headset heavier, while being durable and strong.

Fixing VR System


The absence of an operator does not affect the functionality of the simulator!

Arcade Zone Costa Rica


Thanks to the thoughtful design of the platform, our attraction is simple and absolutely safe: a reliable handrail with hand belts and backrest will not let you fall even during the most active game, and even a child can run the simulator. Three buttons on the control panel allow you to select your favorite game and run it. When you start the simulator, an instruction on the use of a headset appears, and immediately after the game is turned on – an instruction for controlling the ride. The headset can be removed at any time, and then you can stop the game or select another.

For the owner of the X-Machine simulator, we provide an administrator mode!

This mode is a system for reporting on the performance of an attraction. The report can be displayed for any period of time. Thanks to this system, you can monitor what time the ride was launched, how long it worked, what kind of ride it was, whether there were any emergency stops. Also, reports include information about the payment – you can control the income without making additional calculations. All the information you can receive directly to your email address.

We have not mentioned the placement of the attraction in arcade zones for nothing – in addition to the autonomy, which is the main advantage, the virtual reality simulator X-Machine supports multiplayer game mode. When you install simultaneously a large number of attractions in one location, you have the opportunity to increase the number of customers who will fight over and over again  in races and aerial battles with friends, it’s not so easy to break away from the game when the excitement has developed to the maximum. Multiplayer mode starts automatically on multiple machines when selecting a particular ride marked “multiplayer”.

VR Theme Park


The X-Machine supports the broadcasting of commercials when no one plays. You can independently upload any videos and then broadcast them on the screen, thereby drawing attention to the attraction or advertising your services.

We also offer you an exclusive opportunity to brand our games!

We can add your company or your customer’s logo to any ride. This will allow you to surprise customers, to acquire regular customers among event makers, who will benefit from taking the simulator from you over and over again, thanks to the already built-in “advertising” of their company.

Branding VR


To install the simulator in arcade zones or just to work without an operator, we offer you to purchase a set of 10 virtual reality simulators X-Machine at a exclusive price. The set includes 10 X-Machine simulators with decorations and a set of ten games with support for multiplayer game mode.

The time of this offer is limited, so if you have long wanted to create your own arcade zone or very an existing one with new attractions, now is the time, and we offer to start with us!

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