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Xtrematic simulators are designed to expand horizons and turn your world upside down. We want as many people as possible to experience a burst of emotions and an adrenaline rush, being there, where they dreamed to go, but did not have the heart to do so in reality. Age, height and weight are not important - with our simulators everyone can feel like an athlete.

Сontinuing development

We are constantly improving our games and updating the content in accordance with the latest requirements of the market and new technology.

High level of service

Xtrematic service is aimed at creating the most comfortable conditions for the client. From the moment you purchase a simulator, you become part of the Xtrematic community. You will receive constant support from our managers and technical specialists.


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• More than 30 games in the library
• 10 multiplayer games or 20 in the basic set

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we are represented in 51 countries on all continents


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Extreme-Machine gives the user a unique and immersive experience that is very next to a real experience. We’ve been operating 6 machines for the last 2 years and customers love it and usually experience more than 1 game or ride. It’s built to last that for sure as it does take heavy beating without issues. Support is top notch all the time.


Une équipe fantastique, une machine exceptionnelle. La meilleure expérience de la réalité virtuelle ce que j'essayais! Un excellent équipement et un contenu fantastique!


This is just the best VR simulator on the global market! Great software quality in a very strong hardware body. Suitable for all ages, with lots of different games, anyone trying it gets a big smile on his/her face! You get big entertainment in a very small unit. Give it a try and you'll understand. Well done, Xtrematic team!!


X-Machine is a real adrenaline booster and the experiences are very immersive. Thanks to the good quality VR games I would say this is the best available Virtual Reality simulator on the market. It is very good investment as business and a perfect entertainment for users.


The support has been excellent, they are always developing Extreme rides and simulations giving us more choice to offer. The Extreme Machine really is a superb product which releases raw emotion from the rider. Our Unique selling point is – Extreme Machine offers massive impact for small footprint. This is especially important for many of our customers who have limited space. Thank you team Xtrematic for all your hard work.


В течении 9 месяцев мы эксплуатируем две X-Machine. Они показали себя, при нашей большой проходимости, надёжными, крепкими, лёгкими в эксплуатации VR-аттракционами с чудесным контентом. Хорошо работает Multiplayer, очень нравится людям. Особо хочется поблагодарить коллектив компании за сервис и техническую поддержку, хотя у нас большая разница во времени. Планируем расширять бизнес и обязательно будем ещё приобретать X-Machine и X-Bike.


Very reliable, extremely durable system that simply makes money for the owner. It is also very exciting for the players.

ERIK, XtremeVR

I operate X-Machine in Ireland for more than 3 years and it has been great success. Thousands of Irish customers have already experienced the immersive feeling what Xtrematic's invention is able to provide. Thanks for the developers.


После нескольких дней настройки аттракциона могу поделиться первыми впечатлениями. Мой личный рейтинг: джипы, лыжи, дельтаплан, молот, роллер костер. Райды красивые, больше интерактива приветствуется. Вообще бомба, если связать платформы между собой и соревноваться игроками. Набор очков или мест – тоже интересный момент. В общем, я думал, меня уже ничем не удивишь, но машинка вызвала у меня бурю эмоций.


We have seen the Extreme-Machine for the first time in September, 2016 and we bought one in October. Now we've got 3 of them and that's just the beginning. We would like to thank Xtrematic team for their really cool and unique product and all the support we got from them. Our clients' unbelievable emotions is the best proof of what the attraction is capable of.


C'est génial ? Merci à Viki pour tous les renseignements, le suivi est là, la maintenance aussi, c'est vraiment des professionnels, RIEN à voir avec JMDM et leur chinoiseries !Les clients s’éclatent avec ces jeux. J'espère qu'ils vont fabriquer de nouveaux films et de nouveaux simulateurs. Bravo merci.


Two years ago we started our business with two attractions. We bought two more six month later. Then two more... and two more later. Barcelona, Madrid, Costa Brava, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, Calpe and only Northern Spain remaining. Some of the attractions are used in shopping malls and the other part is used for big companies' events, promos and birthdays. Thank you for your wonderful invention!

They trust us.