Unreal jump

We draw your attention to our long-awaited ride, the fourth one of the set «Extreme» – «Unreal JUMP» – Unreal jump!

Now you can experience the emotion and adrenaline that athletes experience when jumping off the spring-board! Inexpressible sensations, emotions are real! You are sure to experience the surge of adrenaline and excitement! Whereas we can imagine hang-gliding and going on a roller coaster and we can dare experience these activities in reality, in the case of jumping-off the spring-board the professional sport training is required! It is only by means of our simulator that you will plunge into the virtual environment, the additional effects of wind and water add immersion and realism! Soon available on all the simulators X-machine! Enjoy viewing!

Age Limits: 6+

Format: Full HD stereo video, support oculus VR tracking

Duration: 1:50 min