City Hammer

Amusement ride Hammer is one of the most extreme rides in any amusement park.

The higher it is, more fear it can cause. But the construction of the attraction is very huge and expensive. Where’s the sollution for thouse, who want to cause the same effect, but can’t pay so much to purchase the feature? And the way-out was found, and it lies in virtual reality! The extreme vr film was specially designed to tickle people’s nerves! Your brain does not absolutely accept the reality! Immersion is so strong that adrenaline just over-swings, there is no necessity to go to an amusement park, it is just enough to go for a ride on the Extreme-machine! Full immertion in virtual reality, as usually, is achieved by 360-degree viewing, sensitive Oculus tracking and game adjustment. If you don’t believe, this is really scarry, just watch this video “People’s reaction to a vr film “City Hammer””. You will appreciate!

Age Limits: 10+

Format: Full HD stereo video oculus rift VR tracking 360

Duration: 2.30 m