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Virtual Reality Simulator Rides with VR glasses

Xtrematic presents you the virtual reality equipment, a virtual reality simulator based on Oculus Rift. This is a new virtual reality machine that replaces 5d cinemas and many other amusement rides, for example a flight simulator, a VR motorbike and a car simulator. Virtual reality gaming system consists of a dynamic  platform on which you stand and Oculus Rift virtual headset. With this  virtual reality product  it has become easier to build a business in the field of entertainment!

It is worth buying this virtua reality simulator, because Xtrematic delivers to every corner of the world, provides the necessary certificates for the equipment and focuses on long-term cooperation.

You know that virtual reality products can’t be cheap. Xtrematic produces virtual reality simulators for sale and gives a word that you’ll get the best for the money you pay. It provides virtual reality Oculus rift games with the absolute graphics, a reliable motion platform, a warranty and support for the clients.



Now you can control the game in virtual space!

Own VR studio

Own VR studio

23 VR films of different genres and levels of complexity

Support of multiplayer network mode

Support of multiplayer network mode

Compete in virtual reality!

VR glasses support

VR glasses support

We supported the newest version of virtual reality helmets

Manage multiple virtual attractions with the tablet.

Simultaneous launch of several Extreme-machines is now possible with a tablet on the Android platform. The tablet works as a control panel, connects via Wi-Fi and allows you to control the amusement park.

15 exclusive VR games in a base set! 23 films and games for a virtual reality simulator in the library!

Films and games for Oculus Rift. 360 films. 5d films for virtual reality game simulators

Another significant reason to buy Oculus motion simulator rides is the ability to download additional unique films for oculus rift in virtual reality machine "Extreme-machine". This means that your virtual reality simulator will stand out from competitors in a wide range of outdated videos. Thanks to special films for the oculus rift you can see what is happening 360 degrees around you. Fast-moving, sharp turns, special effects and high-quality video will provide extreme experience without any risk for one’s life. Xtrematic has a large film library, as well as the opportunity to create a 360-degrees video especially for the customer.

Have you decided to buy motion virtual reality simulator for business?

If you are constantly thinking to buy a virtual reality motion ride, it's time to make a decision! Why EXTREME-MACHINE:

Quick return on investment

Quick return on investment

  • Low price on a motion simulator
  • Mobility (a small area of 3 m, it is easy to carry)
  • Warranty and Technical Support
  • Necessary certificates
  • Delivery and installation
Simulation virtual games

Simulation virtual games

  • A large film library for a motion simulator ride
  • The ability to order additional VR videos for a virtual game simulator
  • Accurate gameplay
  • Control of the game by an interactive platform
Convenience of use

Convenience of use

  • Remote control of the virtual reality gaming systems
  • Counting of visitors
  • Sending reports to email
  • Simple and quick diagnostics of VR equipment
  • Ability to upgrade software
Develop a dealer network

Develop a dealer network

  • Discounts on equipment
  • Advertising support
  • Training
  • Participation in international exhibitions

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Company Xtrematic placed our product and company logos in its VR-video. With it we are demonstrating to customers the objects, which can be seen from a great height. Such advertising makes a great impression especially when combined with virtual reality simulator, we raised sales and increased brand awareness. The future of advertising lies in virtual reality.


At VISYON we create new technology platforms to deliver scalable business opportunities. Our company was interested in the VR simulator and high-quality content for it. Our requirements were embodied in Extreme-machine. It really causes great emotions of the public and gathers queues. Ideal solution for small and medium business and those, who want to become a partner and grow together with Xtrematic company!

VISYON, United Kingdom

We are very happy with Extreme Machine and as we've experienced our customers are really enjoying the revolutionary new technology what is behind your invention. Ireland is a good country with plenty of business opportunities therefore we are seeking to extend our business. At the moment we are advertising ourselves as a company who can provide unforgettable experience to the public but being your re-seller would give us confidence opening to other sections as well. Soon our new website will be also ready with detailed information. Thanks


Our company is engaged in entertainment equipment for a long time. It has huge experience in the entertainment industry. We recommend a game simulator Extreme-machine to everyone who wants to earn serious money and not to spend it on repairing the equipment. With regard to content we always follow the release of new films. The company keeps pace with the times - keep it up!